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Many people in South Africa receive grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). They need to check the status of their grant and application to remain updated. Moya App Sassa Status check is quite popular for checking SASSA SRD status.

SASSA grants are categorised into old age grant, children grant, disability grant, foster child grant, war veterans grant, and unemployment grant. In this article, we will discuss how to download and use the Moya App SASSA Status Check. Keep up with reading.

What Are The Benefits Of Moya App SASSA?

Using the Moya app, you can efficiently oversee your SASSA payments. It can help you to avoid enduring lengthy queues or making physical visits to an office. You just have to do the following:

  • Learn the SASSA status check
  • Use the new platform to submit an appeal or request reconsideration at 
  • Modify your payment methods
  • Stop the SRD grant.
  • Request the grant.

Can I Check My SASSA Balance On My Phone?

The Moya app is a useful app to check Sassa payments, with a particular focus on the R350 grant. Moreover, the newly introduced South African Appeals platform at enables users to check the status of their SRD applications easily.

You can also request reconsideration or file appeals, make changes to payment preferences, cancel SRD grant applications, and even reapply for the grant if needed. Use the Moya App R350 Apply Online feature to apply the R350 form online.

How To Use the Moya App For SASSA Payments?

To check your SASSA payments, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • To check SASSA payments, install it and follow the on-screen instructions (only for Android apps).
  • Enter your phone number so that you receive an OTP. Now, Enter the code.
  • Open Moya app
  • Tap on “Money and Service”
  • Now press the “SASSA Relief Button.”
  • Choose any of the given options.

What Can I Do With the Moya APP For SASSA?

Some of the common uses of the Moya app are: 

  • The Moya app allows you to monitor the status of your SASSA SRD payment.
  • Additionally, you can update your data.
  • You can also request a reconsideration.
  • You can switch the default Post Office payment method to your desired bank account.
  • Since you will need them for the majority of the modules, get your ID number and phone number ready.

How To Download & Install Moya APP?

You can take the following actions to make the Moya App download:

For Android

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search “Moya App.”
  • The “MoyaApp Data Free” app should be tapped.
  • Click or tap the “Install” option.

For iOS:

  • Launch the App Store software.
  • Search “Moya App.”
  • Top on the “Moya App #Data Free” app.
  • Click or tap the “Get” icon.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Check My SASSA SRD Status With the Moya App?

Yes, you can check your SASSA SRD Status with the Moya App. The complete procedure to check your SASSA Status using the Moya App is given in the article. 

How To Apply for The R350 Grant Using MoyaApp?

Follow these steps apple for an R350 grant using the Moya App:

  • Download & Install moya app
  • Log In or Register
  • Navigate to SASSA Services
  • Follow the application instructions
  • Submit the application
  • Now, wait for the confirmation

How Do I Register For Moya App?

In order to register for the Moya App, you just need to do the following:

  • Open Moya App
  • Tap on “Register”
  • Enter your name and surname, password, username, email address, and South Africa Identity Number. 
  • Then click on “Submit.”

Final Words

The Moya app streamlines SASSA payment management, offering a convenient solution for checking SRD application status and accessing services. With Moya, users can stay informed and in control of their grant status, eliminating the need for physical visits and long queues. Download Moya for efficient SASSA status checks.

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