SASSA Status Failed | How To Reapply and Get Approval

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays an important role in distributing SRD grants to needy South African citizens. There are a lot of cases where your SASSA Status Failed because of some issues. It can be a serious concern for those seeking or currently receiving grants. We will discuss the reason why it shows failed when you check SASSA Status.

What Does The SASSA Status Check Failed Meaning?

When the SASSA Status check Failed because of incomplete identity verification it infers that they can not confirm who you are. The purpose of this is to ensure that the grants go to the deserving people.

The failure could be because the documents you provided for your identity were fake, unclear, or not good enough. It could also happen if your fingerprints or photos don’t match what SASSA has on record.

Why My SASSA Identity Verification Failed?

There are a number reasons for failure of verification ID, some of them are:

  • Not giving the necessary identity documents, such as a passport, birth certificate, or ID book.
  • The documents you submitted are wrong, expired, or damaged. 
  • The newly submitted documents do not match with the previously submitted ones. 
  • Signature, photo, or fingerprint do not match with the applicant. 
  • You try to commit fraud or the submitted documents are fake. 
  • Mistakes during the application process.
  • Disparities in ID brought on by a marriage, divorce, or other changes in legal name.

How To Do Reconsideration Appeal For An Identity Verification Failed Status?

If SASSA failed status because ID was not confirmed, you can ask them to take another look and reconsider. You can do that by following these simple steps:

  • Arrange all the necessary and real identification documents. Make sure they are updated, original, and error-free.  
  • Go to your nearest SASSA office and submit the appeal request along with necessary paperwork. Write all the reasons why you deserve it.
  • If it is necessary to correct records, then retake biometrics such as fingerprints. Give an explanation of name changes.
  • Provide utility bills, taxpayer identification numbers, SAPO IDs, etc. as additional information.
  • Take help from a social worker to interfere or offer advice if your appeal is denied again.
  • Keep yourself cooperative and calm during the process if you want a positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When you try to check your SASSA Status it shows ‘failed’, reasons behind it are:

  • Ineligibility
  • Pending verification
  • Data entry errors
  • Documentation issues
  • Incorrect information

If SASSA Status shows failed then you need to understand that there are some genuine identification issues in your application. First of all, you need to appeal the application and make sure that you provided each and everything this time. The procedure to appeal for the application is simple and I have wrote it above.

If you receive a “Identity Verification Failed”, contact the Department of Home Affair and then appeal the application in the following way:

  • Visit SASSA official website
  • Press “Appeal”
  • Give your phone number and Identity Number.
  • You have received an OTP, enter in the given area.
  • Now “Submit”

Final Words

SASSA status check failed indicated that there is an issue with identity verification. It can be difficult for you to face an identity verification issue at SASSA. When you decide to file reconsider application make sure you have all of your documentation and information ready to make your SASSA SRD application approval easy this time.

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