SASSA Old Age Grant | Eligibility, Application, and Process

SASSA Old Age Grant is a monthly payment to citizens, refugees, and legal permanent residents who are 60 years of age or older and have no other means of support. It is a social safety grant that helps seniors meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Let’s explore it in detail.

Who Qualifies For Sassa Old Age Grant?

The following are the requirements of the Sassa old age grant:

Age Eligibility

To be eligible for the Sassa old pension grant, you must be 60 years or older and a permanent citizen of South Africa.

Means test and Income Requirments

To prove financial necessity, applicants must meet particular income and means test standards. The income threshold for eligibility may change, so check with the South African government or Sassa for the most up-to-date information.

Residency Proof

You must be a South African resident and be able to produce documentation of your residency status.

Not Receiving Other Grants

Individuals receiving other government social handouts are generally ineligible for the Older Persons Grant. SASSA grant is for older people who do not have any other source of income.


You must fill out and submit an application form to SASSA. It involves providing all the necessary paperwork in support of your application, such as proof of your identity and earnings.

Bank Account

It is necessary to have a South African bank account to receive the grant, as the payment is made through electronic funds transfer.

Review and Renewal

If your grant application is approved in SASSA Status Check, you must review and renew it to make sure that you meet the criteria for eligibility.

What is the Mean test for the SASSA Older Persons Grant?

The SASSA Old Age Pension means test is a process that you use in South Africa to determine an applicant’s financial eligibility for the Old Age Pension. It examines an applicant’s income and assets to ensure that they meet the financial requirements for receiving the pension. Here are the key points related to the means test for SASSA Old Age Pension:

Income Assessment

The means test evaluates the total income of the applicant. It is to check the applicant’s earnings, pensions, or other financial resources available to the applicant. The specific income threshold or limit for eligibility may change so that the SASSA will verify it timely.

Asset Assessment

Apart from income, this test considers the assets or property owned by the applicant. It can include property, investments, and other valuable possessions. Determine eligibility to take the value of these assets. 

Marital Status

The means test may check the income and assets of married couples. The purpose of this mean test is to prevent individuals from transferring assets or income to a spouse to appear eligible.

Spousal Support

If an applicant is married, or in a permanent relationship, their spouse may be required to provide financial support. The means test takes into account the spouse’s ability to support the applicant.

Income and Asset Limits

The specific income and asset threshold set by the government is subject to change. Applicants must stay within these limits to qualify for the Old Age Pension.

Review and Updates

The applicants need to update their financial status to meet the means test criteria. It helps SASSA SRD to verify that the pension is going to those who need financial help.

Can I Apply For the Sassa Old Age Grant Online?

Yes, you can apply for the Sassa Old Age Grant online in South Africa. The SASSA provides an online application form for the convenience of their applicants. Here’s how to apply for the Sassa Old Age Grant online:

  • Visit the official website of the South SASSA at
  • If you are a new user, you may need to create an online account on the Sassa website. You have to provide your personal information and create login credentials.
  • If you already have an account, log in using your username and password.
  • Now complete the online application form by going to the old age grant application section and fill out the online application form. You will need to provide information about your identity, income, and other relevant details.
  • Upload your scanned copies or digital images of all supporting papers. These documents may include your ID, proof of your own house, and any other documents requested by Sassa.
  • Submit your application after uploading all necessary documents
  • Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation of your application. Sassa will review your application, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, they will process your Old Age Grant application.

Make sure to provide accurate and complete information during the online application process. Sassa will use this information to assess your eligibility for the grant. Additionally, you may need to visit a Sassa office or bank to finalize certain aspects of your application or for verification purposes.

What documents Are required To apply for SASSA older person grant?

When applying for an Older Persons Grant through the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), you will need to provide several documents to support your application. These documents help verify your eligibility and financial need. They are as follows:

Identity Document (ID)

You will need to provide a valid South African identity document (ID) to prove your identity and citizenship or residency status.

Proof of Residence

You will need to show proof of your residential address. This can be a utility bill (e.g., water, electricity), a lease agreement, or an official letter from your local municipality.

Bank Statement

A recent bank statement for the bank account where you would like to receive the grant payments. This is necessary for the electronic transfer of funds.

Marriage Certificate

If you are married or in a permanent relationship, you may need to provide your marriage certificate or proof of the relationship.

Proof of Income

Documents that demonstrate your sources of income, such as payslips, pension statements, or any other relevant income documentation. They server a great part to help SASSA assess your financial condition.

Declaration Form

You may be required to complete and sign a declaration form provided by Sassa. This form is a self-declaration of your income, assets, and other relevant information.

Spousal Consent Form

If you are married or in a permanent relationship, your spouse may need to provide a consent form allowing Sassa to assess your combined financial situation.

Any Other Relevant Documents

Depending on your specific situation and requirements SASSA might ask you for additional documents to support your application.

How Long Does SASSA Take To Process older person’s grant application?

SASSA will assess your application within 3 months and notify you in writing of the decision. If your application is rejected, SASSA will provide the reason for the rejection. You may request a reassessment of your application if you are rejected. 

If your application is still rejected after reassessment, you may appeal to the Minister of Social Development. Approved applicants will receive their first payment of the SASSA grant within 3 months of applying. The payment will be backdated to the date of application.

How to change the payment method of the grant?

Due to a recent glitch with the SASSA Gold Card or for other reasons, you may want to change your grant payment method to your bank account. To do this, you will need to complete the Consent Form for Bank Payment of SASSA Grant and submit it to a SASSA office near you.

For this purpose, you need to provide an ID card, birth certificate, or driver’s license and proof of bank account in your name (received from the bank or a 3-month bank statement showing your personal details and bank account number).

You can visit your nearest SASSA branch, and they will assist you in changing your payment method. Keep it in mind that the new payment method will come into effect the following month. If you are unable to collect your grant yourself, you can nominate someone to collect it for you.

What Are the Reasons Of SASSA Old Age Grant Suspension?

The following reasons for grant suspension are mentioned below:

  • Changes in your circumstances
  • Fraud or misrepresentation on your application
  • Refusal to cooperate with a grant review
  • The outcome of a grant review

Moreover, if your grant is suspended and you think that you are eligible for this grant, apply again within 90 days to restore the grant. 

Why SASSA Old Person Grant Is Lapsed?

The following are the reasons for why grant is lapsed:

  • The grant recipient has passed away.
  • Financial condition of the grant benificiary changed.
  • Recipient no longer meets the eligibility criteria. 

How Much Is Sassa’s old age pension amount?

The amount of the Sass Old Age Pension can change timely due to the government budget and policies. According to the last update in January 2022, the Old Age Pension amount was as follows:

  • For individuals aged 60 to 74: The monthly grant amount is 1,890 South African Rand (ZAR).
  • For individuals aged 75 and older: The monthly grant amount is 1,910 South African Rand (ZAR).

South African government can change these amounts due to economic conditions and other factors. Get in touch with the latest government news regarding SASSA Old Age Pension amount. The exact amount received may vary based on the financial situation of an applicant and other factors.

How to Check Sassa Old Age Grant Balance?

The service SASSA balance check lets you check how much money is leftover in your grant. Checking your balance helps you keep track of the finances of your grant money. After the approval of the grant you start receiving grant payments and by  using the following method you can check your balance:

  • Dial 1203210# or 12069277# on your cellphone
  • Use any ATM 
  • Send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553
  • Visit the SASSA official website
  • Call the SASSA toll-free call center number 0800 601 011

Does Review SASSA Old Persons Grant?

SASSA may review your Old Persons Grant based on your income and circumstances, ensuring continued eligibility. You will receive a notice at least three months before the review, requesting your life certificate. If you receive payments through a bank or institution, submit the certificate annually.

Bedridden individuals may have SASSA officials visit them for the review. Once complete, you will receive a compliance receipt. Refugee applicants are reviewed when their refugee status expires. Keeping your information up to date is necessary for a smooth review process.

What Are The Responsibilities of SASSA Old Age Grant Beneficiaries?

SASSA grant beneficiaries also have some responsibilities that are as follows: 

  • Keep SASSA informed of any changes to your personal or financial circumstances.
  • Update SASSA of any changes to your physical address or contact details.
  • Always provide accurate information, as SASSA does not tolerate fraud.

Update SASSA about the changes to your contact number and address to evade any suspension. SASSA may suspend your grant if you do not notify SASSA about these changes, as they will not be able to contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The Sassa Old Age Grant increased from R2080 to R2090 per month on 1 October 2023. This is an increase of R10 per month.

There are two methods to check your SASSA Old Age Grant balance:

  • Checking Your SASSA Old Age Grant Balance
  • Applying for SASSA Old Age Grant Online

Follow the below mentioned steps to apply for SASSA Old Age Grant online:

  • Visit the SASSA Website
  • Create an Online Account
  • Log In
  • Complete the Online Application
  • Upload Required Documents
  • Submit Your Application
  • Wait for Confirmation
  • Check Application Status

Final Words

The SASSA Grant serves as a significant social safety net for elderly South Africans. It offering financial support to enhance their well-being and address the challenges that come with old age. SASSA old age pension is a proof of government’s commitment to caring for the elderly citizens in their retired life.

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