SASSA Child Support Grant | Eligibility, Application, and Process

The SASSA Child Support Grant (CSG) is a crucial lifeline for many South African families. It offers monthly financial assistance to caregivers of children under the age of 18 living in low-income households. This grant is intended to improve the financial burdens without altering the recipient’s primary income source. 

Each primary caregiver can receive the grant for up to six children, regardless of their legal or biological relationship. As of June 1, 2023, the introduction of the SASSA Child Support Grant top-up has increased the monthly amount to R760 per child, with an additional R250. This blog post will provide a guide about the SASSA Child Support Grant.

Eligibility Criteria For SASSA Child Support Grant 

There is an eligibility criteria for SASSA SRD Child Grant, so to check your eligibility read this:

  • You should have a permanent residency status or South African ID, or be a recognized refugee. 
  • You and your children would be living in South Africa. 
  • You should be a primary caretaker of the child (grandparents, parents, or someone who is elder than 16)
  • The child must be less than 18.
  • No other institution is taking care of the child.
  • You should have a smart ID Card or 13-digit bar-code ID (The application can even be submitted if these documents are not available)
  • If you are married, then both of you and your spouse would follow the means test condition.
  • You can give an application for a maximum of 6 children who are not connected to you biologically.

This is the overall eligibility criteria for applying for a SASSA Child Grant. The purpose of it is to check the criteria yourself whether you are eligible or not.

What is the SASSA Child Support Grant Means Test?

The Means Test is the procedure used to figure out if caregivers of children under the age of 18 are eligible for the grant or not. The means test checks the costs, resources, and income of the custodian. 

According to the April 1, 2023 criteria, the single caregiver’s annual income should be less than R60,000. But if the caretaker is married, then its annual income must be lower than 120,000.

This income amount is specific just for this grant, the amount varies with the type of grant. SASSA Means Test also check the following expenses of the guardian: 

  • The caretaker’s loan or rent
  • The caretaker’s utility bills
  • The caretaker’s medical costs
  • The caretaker’s child care costs

You should know before applying for a Child Support Grant (CSG) that you are not eligible if you do not meet the above-mentioned benchmarks. SASSA Means Test reviews your income and resources after a year.

When And Why Did The SASSA Child Support Grant Start?

When democracy came to South Africa in 1994, a quarter of children were very vulnerable due to poverty. The government had enough funds to start welfare programs but the existing state system was not good which created racial divides among the people.

In 1998, South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) was founded whose purpose was to bring equality and to take children out of poverty. At that time 60% of children were living below the poverty line. So, it was a difficult task for SASSA. 

Child Support Grant (CSG) has been approved to support the poor children that is given directly to the caretakers. So that they can help the children to get their basic needs such as food, clothes, and education.  

Impact Of Child Support Grant (CSG) On Children

The Child Support Grant program by SASSA proves very successful and it helps 13 million children to come out of poverty. It has ended inequality among the children, so the black children have succeeded in getting to meet their basic human rights. 

SASSA CSG also removed a lot of burden from the caregivers by giving them a good amount for their children. The reasons for why it needed to start SASSA Child Grant are given below:

  • To bring equality and remove poverty among the children in South Africa.
  • To help children in getting their basic necessities such as education, clothing, and food. 
  • To enhance the financial welfare of caretakers of children.
  • To develop children and their community.

SASSA Child Grant has a vital role in developing poor children and their families in South Africa. 

What Is The Procedure To Apply For SASSA Child Support Grant?

In order to apply for Child Grant, you have to follow these steps: 

Visit SASSA Office

The caretakers can visit the SASSA office and get help from the SASSA website or by contacting them to find out. 

Complete An Application Form

You can find the child grant application form at all the SASSA offices. Besides, you have the information about you and your child.

Provide Supporting Documentation

To apply, caregivers must give some documents like the child’s birth certificate, the caregiver’s ID, and his income proof.

Submit The Application Form And Supporting Documentation

When you fill the form, give all the documents and forms to the SASSA officer. He will tell you at the moment that either you are eligible for the grant or not.

Receive A Decision

Within a few weeks, SASSA will inform the caregiver of the status of their application. The caregiver will receive an SASSA gold card and a payment schedule if the grant is approved. Any ATM in South Africa accepts the SASSA gold card for grant payment withdrawals.  

Following is the list of documents that the caretaker needs to submit along with form:

  • Birth certificate of the child.
  • ID card of the caretaker.
  • Proof of caregiver’s income (this includes a bank statement, salary slip, and employer letter)
  • You have to give a proof letter if you are not the biological parent of the child. You should have an attestation form from the child’s school principal and social worker. 

In order to ask any question about SASSA Child Grant, contact SASSA at 0800 60 10 11.

What Documents Are Required For SASSA Child Grant?

Take the following documents to SASSA office when you apply for the child grant either in copied form or original:

Caretaker’s ID Card And Child’s Birth Certificate

You must have the birth certificate of the child and your original 13-digital-bar-code-ID. If you do not have both of them, then fill the SASSA affidavit on SASSA standard affidavit template. 

All this procedure will be done in presence of To complete the process, it is necessary for you to fill in the affidavit form using the official SASSA affidavit template. 

This should be performed in the presence of an Oaths Commissioner who has no connection to SASSA. You can obtain the form from a SASSA official or SASSA Affidavit Template. Also, take these documents:

  • You need a paper that has been checked by someone trustworthy like a school principal, a church leader, a social worker, a wise person, or a community helper.
  • You need a letter from the Home Affairs Department that shows you have started the process to get the birth certificate and ID.
  • If it is possible, then bring a temporary ID card given to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • If you have Baptismal certificate, also bring it along with you. 
  • School Certificate
  • Road to Health Clinic (RTHC), if possible

Marriage Certificate

If the caretaker is married, then it is necessary for him to take his marriage certificate to the SASSA office. 

Court Order

If you’re divorced or you adopted the child, you must have a paper from the court saying you are the caretaker of the child.

Death Certificate If Actual Parents Are Died

If both parents have passed away, you need to show the death certificate, and if they are missing you have a report from the police that they are missing.

Proof Of Primary Caretaker

If you are a primary caretaker, you will provide the proof or anyone of the following:

  • The affidavit given by the police station.
  • A letter from the principal of the school.
  • If the biological parents, you should have a permit from them that you can take care of the child. 
  • A report by the social worker.

Proof Of Income

You have to provide SASSA with the following documents:

  • Bank statement or earning record of the last three months in case you are a bank employee. 
  • If you are getting UIF support, then provide a UIF card.
  • For those who are not working yet but were working in the past will give a resignation letter from the previous office. Also, give a Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) membership proof. 
  • If you receive pension, give SASSA the pension receipt.
  • You would show papers that prove someone gave you money to help the child or a note that says you tried to get money from the child’s real parents but could not get it (it is conditional).

In certain cases, some additional documents are required for example if the caretaker is a refugee or a child is disabled.

What Is The Processing Time For Child Support Grant Application?

Usually, it takes about 90 days to process the CSG application, but it might take more or less time depending on the SASSA workload. You will get a reference number after submitting the form and all necessary documents. You can use this reference number to check SASSA Status by contacting them or online. 

If you have not received the SASSA decision on your application, you contact the support center at 0800 60 10 11. 

Below are the some tips that you can follow to speed up the processing time: 

  • Ensure that you have given all the necessary documents and information while submitting the form. 
  • Submit your application very soon as possible.
  • Contact SASSA, if you have any query regarding SASSA Child Support Grant. 

How To Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status?

After you have submitted your grant application, it is important to regularly monitor its status for updates. Tracking the status allows you to determine whether the application has been approved, or declined, or to find out its current progress. 

Once your application is approved, it is wise to check the status continuously to stay informed about upcoming payments. To check the SASSA foster child status, you can use the following methods:

What To Do If SASSA Child Grant Application Denied?

If they reject your request for the SASSA Child Support Grant and you are confident that it is a mistake. Then it’s your right to ask them to look again, but you need to do this within 90 days of the rejection. The only thing you can do is given below:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and fill an appeal form
  • Submit the form
  • Post this appeal form

You will have to give the reason on the form that why you think that your application should not be rejected. You can also give some additional information if you want to give that helps SASSA to change their decision. 

Now, you will get the answer within 60 days. If the application becomes successful, SASSA will enter the previous approval date. you will get all your pending dues for the last three months. If your application is rejected again, you can still reapply but it can be done only after 90 days of the rejection.  

The following suggestions can make it more likely for your request to be approved for the SASSA Child Support Grant.

  • Provide a brief and straightforward appeal form.
  • Ask them why you think your rejection was wrong.
  • Provide SASSA with any new information that has a positive impact. 

Understanding the SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Process

When your child grant gets approved by SASSA, you will get the payment from the day of approval. The grant will be released every month, but the dates are not confirmed. 

There are three methods of getting SASSA grants, you can choose any of them:

  • Transferred to your postbank account or bank account directly. 
  • You can get your grant money in cash at stores like  Spar, Usave, Checkers, Boxer, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, and any other works with SASSA.
  • From some institutions like Non-profit organizations, disability centers, or old-age homes.

The following paperwork must be submitted, along with the Consent Form for Bank Payment of SASSA Grant, if you want to get your grant payments deposited into a bank account: 

  • Show your identity with an ID card, driver’s license, or birth certificate.
  • Tell us your bank account number, and it must be under your name.
  • Share a bank paper for the last three months with your name and account number on it.

You can update your bank information or how you get paid by filling out a form at the welfare office. Once they check it, your payments will come in the new way from the following month.

If you can not go get your payments because of reasons like being old or having a disability, you can pick someone to collect the money for you. 

SASSA Foster Child Grant Balance Check

To see how much money is still in your grant, you can use the SASSA balance check service. It’s important to keep an eye on your balance and stay informed so you can handle your grant money wisely. 

After your child’s grant is approved and you get the payments, you might want to check your balance from time to time using these methods:

  • Using your cellphone to dial the USSD code *120*69277# or*120*3210#.
  • Through any ATM (customary bank fees may be incurred).
  • Using the 082 046 8553 SASSA WhatsApp number
  • By contacting the 0800 601 011 toll-free number of the SASSA call center.

Reviews About SASSA Foster Child Support Grant 

SASSA in South Africa checks the Foster Child Grant every two years when the court order naming the foster parent runs out. The review’s aim is to ensure that the foster child still meets the grant’s financial eligibility criteria and that their situation has not improved to the extent that the grant is no longer necessary. 

Another purpose is to make sure that the caretaker of the child is still alive. SASSA will provide you with a written notice three months in advance, instructing you to submit your life certificate as proof of your existence. 

The notice will also contain the details regarding the date and location of the review. What can I do:

To Prepare Review

You have to act upon the following steps to prepare review:

  • Collect all the necessary documents such as proof of income, identity document, and birth certificate of child. 
  • Verify if the court order for the child is still in effect.
  • Fill out the SASSA Foster Child Grant Review Form and submit it.

During The Review 

During the review, you will have to do these things:

  • SASSA officials will ask a question about your expenses and income.
  • They will verify the date of birth and identity of the child.
  • The Officials will review the court order.
  • They will visit home to check the financial condition of the child. 

After The Review

  • Provide you with a formal determination regarding the approval or suspension of the grant.
  • In the event that the grant is approved, you will keep getting payments.
  • You will have the chance to challenge the decision if the grant has been suspended.

What Are Some Reasons For Child Grant Suspension?

SASSA Child Grant can be suspended because of some reasons that are given below:

  • If the circumstances of the child changes.
  • You try to do fraud and give wrong information to SASSA.
  • You did not cooperate with SASSA during the review.
  • If your grant approval was an error.
  • If your application gets suspended. 

Reasons For Lapsing Of SASSA Child Grant

There are some reasons for the lapsing of the child grant, if any of the following happens it will be suspend:

  • Usually, the grant stops if the child turns 18. However, if the child is still studying in school or higher school then he can receive the grant till 21. If the child leaves study and starts the job, the grant will end there.
  • Both the child and caretaker or either one of them passed away.
  • If the child gets admission to a state organization, the grant will continue till the 7th month. 
  • Your caretaker period for the child is over.
  • If you are a refugee and your refugee status has expired.
  • If you have not taken the grant for the previous three months. You will give a new grant application in case you want to continue the program. 
  • You are not living in South Africa for the last three months without informing SASSA.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Beneficiaries?

There are some responsibilities on grant recipients or caretaker that are:

  • Keep SASSA informed of any changes to your financial or personal life to ensure accuracy. 
  • It is essential to update SASSA about your contact information and address. 
  • SASSA is very strict in case of fraud, so always the correct information. 

To make sure your grants continue without any issues, it is crucial to keep your current information with SASSA in the situations mentioned above. SASSA communicates with you using the address you provided in the application. If your address or contact details change and you do not inform SASSA, it can lead you to grant suspension. 

SASSA Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the procedure of Child Support Grant, contact SASSA:

Contact SASSA Toll-Free Call Center0800 60 10 11
Contact SASSA Head Office012 400 2322
Send your queries to SASSA via email[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Child Support Grant?

Child Support Grant is a payment given to the caregivers of children so that the poor children can meet their basic necessities such as education, clothing, and food.

What Are The Requirements For Child Support Grant?

There are some basic requirements for SASSA child grant that are:

  • Applicants should be a refugee, permanent resident, or a South African resident.
  • Applicants should be the parent or primary caretaker of the child. 
  • The child must be less than 18. 
  • The applicant has to clear the mean test.
  • The child should not be under any other state institution. 

How Much Is Sassa Child Support Grant?

SASSA gives R510 to each child under the support program. The top-up amount is R250 per person, which means a child gets R760 per month. 

How Much Increase For SASSA Child Support Grant?

SASSA Child Grant was R500 before October 2023. There is an increase of R10 in the SASSA grant from 1st October 2023. 

How Do I Check The SASSA Child Support Grant Status?

You can check your child grant status in the following ways:

  • Though the SASSA official website
  • Through Moya app
  • By sending an SMS at 082-046-8553
  • Through SASSA Whatsapp
  • Contact the SASSA support center at 0800-60 10 11

Can I Apply For the SASSA Child Support Grant Online?

Yes, you can apply for a Child Support Grant online through SASSA’s official portal. The portal remains open 24/7 and accepts requests from all across the world. 

Final Words

SASSA Child Support Grant is provided to the caregivers so that  the children get all the basic needs. It has been successful in reducing poverty and ensuring equality among South African kids. To benefit from this SRD social grant, meeting eligibility criteria and keeping your information up-to-date is necessary.

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